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Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Music, and More

Brows our published work. Currently, we have a number of works in progress, individually and jointly:

First Principles

The Castle of Dromore

220 BC with Dr. Kendall Price

The Saint in the Cellar

The Wedding (working title)

Theology of Music

Startled by NATURE 2020

Faith Journeys

Witch's Brew: Narcissism in Relationships

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221 BC: Co-written with Dr. Kendall Price


Set against the backdrop of the Ptolemaic Kingdom, an alternate history unfolds, linking the power of the pharaohs to magic. Brother is pitted against brother in a race to find twelve amulets, lost with the ancient pharaoh, and unlock their powers. Whoever holds the amulets holds that power; to save the world...or destroy it.

Glenmirril Garden: Celtic Music Old and New


Welcome to Glenmirril Garden. The name is taken from a fictional castle, modeled after Urquhart Castle, on the shores of Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland. The Glenmirril Garden collection includes traditional folk tunes, original melodies in the style of traditional Celtic music, and a few other songs composed during the same time.

Food and Feast in the World of the Blue Bells Chronicles


A gastronomic historic poetic musical romp in thyme

In this NOT a cookbook, scenes from the Blue Bells series feature some historical morsel, a song or poem, and one or more recipes, ranging from Midwestern casseroles to the medieval 'subtleties' that delighted kings at feasts to how soldiers might have eaten on the campaign trail.

The Path that Shines

April 2015

A poignant account of death in marriage. Bonnie suffered from multiple medical conditions so serious they required specialists of whom you would not want to meet one, let alone a dozen. Her last year was marked by a level of pain and agony that was gut-wrenching for her family, friends, and caregivers to live through and witness. Yet, Bonnie remained remarkably upbeat and strong. She left a legacy of faith, love, strength, humor, and spirit that transcended her suffering in life, leaving an example for many.

Writing: Work
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The Blue Bells Chronicles

2009 - 2017

Shawn Kleiner had it all--money, fame, all the beautiful women he loved--until the night his girlfriend had enough and left him alone in a medieval Scottish tower. 

He woke up in the wrong century.

The Blue Bells Chronicles has been hailed for its historical detail and the vivid, three-dimensional lives of Shawn, Amy, Niall, the Laird, and many more. Love them or hate them, readers come away feeling they knew them and wanting more.

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